How much do I get paid?

Last updated 6 months ago

The TIDY platform is designed to allow reliable and capable Homekeepers to make more money with TIDY and build their business.  The platform pays Homekeepers per cleaning minus any fees.

Base Payment Rates For Completed Cleanings
Your base payment rate starts based at the median rate for the area in which you are applying from.  For example, if the median base pay rate for a TIDY in your area is $27, you would start with that as default.  You can see this base pay rate when signing up when picking from available equipment options.  You can edit this rate anytime.  If your rate is above the maximum permitted by a client, you will automatically cancel on that client.  If you have questions about your rate, email

Other Payments
Booking Protection Minimum Payments (No Access, Can't Find Home, Client Cancellation Payments):   
1-hour Cleaning:      $10
2.5-hour Cleaning   $20
4-hour Cleaning:      $30

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TIDY Homekeeper Fees
Homekeeper Canceled (Cancel on Client under 7 days):     $10 Per canceled Cleaning
Late:     $5 per Cleaning
Call Out (Cancel on Client within 24 Hours):     $20 per canceled Cleaning
Leave Early:     $30 per Cleaning
No Show:     $40 per Cleaning

You can change your base rate at any time, but you will only get paired with clients where your rate is at or below their max rate.  Your rate is effectively a bid and your retention score your quality score. Clients who pick "best available" are using both your rate and your quality score to determine which Homekeeper gets a client's booking.