2 Homekeeper Cleanings. How do they work? What if the other Homekeeper doesn't arrive?

Last updated over 2 years ago

Any cleaning may have 2 Homekeepers on it.  This is up to the client.

If a client books 2 Homekeepers, generally they expect for you to get started right away when you arrive.  Clients still generally expect you to stay for the full time.  Clients can see each Homekeeper and contact them independently using their app.  The app will inform you if 2 Homekeepers are expected, and notify you if they are definitely not coming.

Occasionally,  you may be the only Homekeeper to show up to the Cleaning.  We recommend not waiting for the other Homekeeper. The other Homekeeper has no impact on your earnings, your payment is the same. 

The Client will automatically only be charged for one Homekeeper. If the Client has any additional questions, please encourage them to reach out to TIDY Concierge to help with any scheduling or payment issues.