What is TIDY?

Last updated over 1 year ago

TIDY is a software platform that connects:
Clients, who:
  • Are generally looking for reliable, recurring Home Cleanings
  • Book online at TIDY.com
  • Leave instructions and notes using the Client App
With TIDY Homekeepers, who: 
  • Want great Clients and want to build their cleaning business
  • Want to make great money helping others
  • Set availability via the Homekeeper App
  • See bookings and communicate with Clients via the Homekeeper App

Most cleanings on the platform are shorter cleanings, and clients customize their To Do list to clearly communicate what they would like done.

As a Homekeeper on the TIDY platform, you are able to complete cleanings for great clients.  There are 3 services offered on the platform.  Each cleaning works pretty similarly.  The client picks what they want done, and you help them complete their tasks in the time allotted.  Cleanings can be 1 hour, 2.5 hours, or 4 hours with 1 or 2 homekeepers.  We focus on finding Clients who want to be set up on a regular schedule, because we find that Clients who want a regular Homekeeper are better for you and us.

Both Homekeepers and Clients are our valued customers and we appreciate you.