What are Cleaning Opportunities?

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Cleaning Opportunities is a feature that presents more cleanings and clients for you to grow your earnings. There are many types of Cleaning Opportunities and an additional bonus above the normal base rate could be possible. (see below for more info)

What are Cleaning Opportunities?

Cleaning Opportunities are client cleanings or plans that are currently not assigned to a Homekeeper and the Client is looking for a replacement Homekeeper. 

Once you accept a Cleaning Opportunities, you can use the Homekeeper App to see the Cleaning details and get directions.  By accepting one, you are adding it to your schedule just like any other cleaning.  This means:
  • You are agreeing to attempt to complete the Cleaning at the time it is scheduled. 
  • If you cancel the appointment, any applicable fees may still apply.

Example 1: A last minute emergencies that a Client needs a substitute the same day.

Example 2: A Client who is looking for a new long-term Homekeeper for their entire plan, but doesn't have a cleaning for a few days/weeks. (this example will have a star)
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