How do I get clients?

Last updated 6 months ago

Clients can book in a few ways with you:
  1. They can select "Best Available".  Whenever they book with Best Available, there is an auction to see who gets the client.  If you are available for them, you automatically bid your base rate times quality score. The homekeeper with the best quality adjusted bid will win the client!  So for example, if 2 Homekeepers had the same base rate, the higher quality score would win the client.
  2. They can select you directly.  They can do this with your referral code, or if they have had you before by selecting your name from their dropdown.
  3. You can be on a client's regular plan.  Once paired with the client, we will not "break you up".  That means you and the client will be together until one of you tells us to stop.  The best way to fill up your schedule is to keep the clients you already have.
To get more clients, and better clients, keep the ones you have.  

To earn more per cleaning, increase your quality score so you can continue to win clients with a higher bid.