How can Clients book with me again? Reschedule with me?

Last updated over 1 year ago

Once you've complete a cleaning with a Client, TIDY makes it easy for the Client to see your schedule and book directly with you again or reschedule with you. It's those recurring Client's that are useful in maximizing your earnings and getting the most out of your schedule.

Some notes about past Client's booking with you. They will see your "Bookable" schedule (meaning they cannot book during times you are "Not Bookable"). It will not allow them to book over other recurring Client's you have booked. It will allow a recurring Client to schedule over a new Client you've not had before, as long as you are available for the time and it does not violate any other restrictions on your account. 

From the Client's perspective, the Client will:
1) Log into
2) Select the "Homekeeper Options" button on the Home page
3) Select the Homekeeper they want to schedule with
4) View the schedule the Homekeeper has available 

If they are unable to book with you, the most common reasons are:
1) You have another Client that blocks them from booking a cleaning or plan.
2) You have another Client who is far away from them on the same day (more than 30 minutes away). 
3) They are outside your max estimated driving time.