Can I work with my Client outside of TIDY? What if TIDY refers clients to me directly?

Last updated about 6 hours ago

No problem, we definitely have people that do this and we encourage it.  We have simple easy pricing – it's just $150 per client when you notify us, $500 if you do not notify us (this is to limit fraud and abuse).  This referral fee is to TIDY for bringing you pre-qualified business.  This applies to any Client that we refer to you that you chose to serve outside the TIDY platform. 

This fee applies anytime you request a client to work directly with you or you share your contact information with them, regardless whether or not they decide to move forward with you in part or whole.

For most people, their best clients make them hundreds of dollars per month.  But it's hard to know who the good clients are.  With TIDY, you can figure that out first, and only pay for the best clients (while earning money along the way).

To encourage quick and timely disclosure of the referral, we do offer a discount if you notify us.  You have 24 hours after a referral to notify TIDY of the referral to get a discounted rate of $150.  

In addition, if you change your mind, we do offer a "Change Your Mind" Guarantee on the Referral Fee.

This is for any instance where you change your mind, and do not want to work directly with the client. Simply notify us during either of these time periods:
  • Between 30 and 60 days after your last cleaning with the client. 
  • 7 to 37 days after a subsequent cleaning with the client (after notice is given that you have been referred).  For example, you offer to work directly with the client, then they decide to use you for a TIDY cleaning 2 weeks later, you could have the Referral Fee returned after 21 days (instead of waiting for 30 days). 
If they are still active with TIDY with a recurring plan scheduled, you have completed 10 cleanings after working with the referred client, and you are currently available for future bookings, then you will get the Referral Fee returned to you in full to you on your next payment. We do require you to track and notify us within that time window, so please follow up then.