How do I keep my Clients?

Last updated 8 months ago

We want you to provide the best experience possible, so here are some tips from other Homekeepers on how they keep clients:

  • Keep a consistent schedule.  You can pick your own schedule, but the more you change your schedule, the more likely you are to cancel and lose Clients.
  • Be on time.

    • Your client will be planning around this time, so it's important to be on time.
    • Being late or showing up early often results in a negative experience.

  • Follow the instructions.

    • Failing to follow a Client’s instructions is the most common reason for a Client to request a new Homekeeper.
    • All of this information is in the Homekeeper app, so just follow the instructions.

  • Do your best the whole cleaning – this means not leaving early.  Clients paid for your time and asking to leave early is a good way to lose the Client.  There is always more that can be done to maximize the cleaning.
  • Keep it clean.

    • Using the TIDY equipment and wearing the Optional TIDY Polo is something that clients appreciate and respect.
    • Keep a clean looking appearance.  You are a guest in people’s homes, so avoid strong smells of any kind, unkempt hair, or anything you wouldn’t wear as a guest.

  • Smile & greet by name.  Clients appreciate you calling them by their name.  It can be awkward if you don’t.  Also say goodbye.  If you don’t know how to pronounce a name, that’s ok, at least say hello and goodbye.
  • Pay attention to details.  Top Homekeepers consistently make sure that each area looks like it is ready for guests.  This includes things put away and all surfaces wiped down.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.  Arguing with Clients is an easy way to get a bad rating.  Try to stay cheerful.
  • Never ask for a good rating.  Clients often rate poorly when asked to rate you well.  Focus on doing a good cleaning and your work will ‘wow’ them into a great rating.
  • The TIDY experience is meant to work without a phone call, so avoid calling unless necessary.