How do I change my schedule?

Last updated almost 2 years ago

Hit "My Schedule" from the menu, you will see your active schedule. Use this calendar in the app to mark when you are bookable so Clients can see when you are able to be booked or rescheduled. The green indicates you are "Bookable" and clients can schedule during those times. Click on the particular day you want to view or edit.
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You can select which times you want clients to see you as "Bookable". 
Mark "Apply to ONLY" if you are only editing a single day.
Mark "Apply to WEEKDAY and ALL WEEKDAY After" if you are updating your regular, weekly schedule.
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Make sure to confirm you schedule change and any cancellations and confirm the schedule change on the "My Schedule" calendar and "My Cleanings" view. 
You can confirm your schedule change in the main "My Cleanings" view. Learn more.