Understanding bookings and your schedule

Last updated over 2 years ago

Once you are an active Homekeeper, your schedule that you set will become viewable and bookable to Clients. Only you can make changes to that schedule, but you can do so at any time.

Being Booked: On the TIDY platform, your schedule ("My Schedule" in the app) is available to Clients to book directly with you online. There is no need to confirm or approve bookings. There is no button to "claim" a cleaning.  Your clients just see your schedule and book. Easy!

Viewing your schedule: You can see bookings inside the Homekeeper App, and will receive a nightly email at 8pm for any cleanings confirmed for the next day.  Learn more here: http://help.tidy.com/1360-using-the-app

Day of the Cleaning: On the day of a cleaning, you will want to check in so your clients know you are coming inside of the Homekeeper App. Learn more about that here: http://help.tidy.com/1360-using-the-app/6223-how-do-i-check-in

Get and Keep Clients: Keep your schedule up-to-date. New Clients are booking all the time, and your previous clients will be able to see your live schedule and book additional cleanings or reschedule their current plan with you. Top earning Homekeepers typically keep a consistent schedule. Learn more about a consistent schedule here: http://help.tidy.com/1367-my-schedule-area/5317-what-does-a-consistent-schedule-mean

Learn how to update your schedule here: http://help.tidy.com/1360-using-the-app/5315-how-do-i-update-my-schedule