What is Booking Protection?

Last updated about 1 year ago

What is Booking Protection?
Booking Protection is a set of limited guarantees that when you are paired with a Client for a cleaning and there is a last minute change, you can automatically bid on other work during that general time.  If there is none available, TIDY will guarantee a minimum payment for that time.  Booking protection in general attempts to maximize your potential earnings, by getting you more scheduled cleanings (and the chance to win more Clients) and fewer cancellations.

What cleanings are covered by Booking Protection?
  • Any cleaning that is booked with you at the 8pm cutoff
  • Any cleaning that you accept after the 8pm cutoff (for example, standby cleanings)
Any cleaning that is changed or canceled before 8pm the night before (in your local time) is not eligible for Booking Protection.

What are the Booking Protection Minimum Payments?
  • $10 for a 1 hour cleaning plus any existing bonuses on the cleaning
  • $20 for a 2.5 hour cleaning plus any existing bonuses on the cleaning
  • $30 for a 4 hour cleaning plus any existing bonuses on the cleaning
Example: You have a $2 bonus on a 1 hour cleaning, the Booking Protection Minimum Payment would be $10+$2=$12.

How does Booking Protection Work?
For any cleaning with Booking Protection, if there is any cancellation of the cleaning, another Client needs you more, or if you are on standby and it is no longer required, then the system will automatically take the following steps on your behalf.
  1. First, you will bid on any other cleaning that is available.
  2. Next, you will automatically go on Standby for another cleaning that may need you.
  3. Finally, if there is nothing available to replace the original client, you will receive the Booking Protection Minimum Payment.
If a cleaning is changed, the system automatically ensures it matches your settings:
  • A start time no earlier than the original appointment
  • A end time no later than the original appointment
  • Is still within your max drive time.
  • Is within 30 minutes expected drive time of your other appointments that day.
  • The cleaning is not being updated within your max drive time plus 10 minutes (to ensure you have time to see updates and make them).
This is to ensure you have schedule predictability.  What you see at 8pm the night before is the max you will work the next day, unless you opt in to more cleanings.

When am I eligible to earn the Booking Protection Minimum Payment?
You are eligible for the Booking Protection Minimum Payment for a cleaning when:
  • You do not get a replacement cleaning.
  • You make best efforts to go to and perform any booked cleanings (including the replacement cleanings).
You are NOT eligible for Booking Protection if:
  • The Client cancels an appointment due to an action taken on your part.  
    • For example, if you tell the Client you are sick or cannot make it, and they cancel, you are not eligible for a payment.  If you need to cancel the cleaning, but tell the Client to cancel the cleaning to avoid a call out or cancellation fee, you will be assessed a No Show fee.
  • If you are running late and the Client cancels the appointment.
    • If you let the Client know and are under 20 minutes late and they still cancel, you are not eligible for the Booking Protection Minimum Payment, and you will not be assessed a fee.  In other words, you are neither paid nor charged.
    • If you do not let the Client know OR are over 20 minutes late, you will be assessed a No Show fee.

What happens if the replacement cleaning would usually pay less than the Booking Protection Minimum Payment?
If for any reason a replacement cleaning were to usually have a lower payment amount than the original cleaning, you will earn the Booking Protection Minimum Payment instead (the difference will show up as a bonus on the cleaning).

For example: You have a 4 hour cleaning, and your rate is $66 for that cleaning, with no bonus.  The only replacement is a 1 hour cleaning with a $22 payment rate.  As the $22 rate is lower than the $30 Booking Protection Minimum Payment, you would earn $30, not $22.  It would show up as $22 payment with a $8 bonus.

What happens if I do not want Booking Protection for one or all cleanings?
You cannot turn off Booking Protection selectively for cleanings at this time.  If you want to turn Booking Protection entirely off,  we have a feature in Beta to allow you to opt out of Booking Protection, email concierge@tidy.com if interested in joining the Beta program. If you opt out, you will not receive any Booking Protection Minimum Payments for a Client's last minute cancellations.  This means if a Client cancels 5 minutes before the cleaning, you would not receive any payment, however you would also never have an appointment changed via Booking Protection. 

Example 1: A Client cancels on you.
You have a 11:00am 2.5 hour cleaning scheduled.  The Client cancels at 8am.  You automatically bid on and get a 12:30pm 1 hour replacement cleaning.  In this example, you earn more because of Booking Protection than either the Booking Protection Minimum Payment and you still earned, even though the original Client cancelled.

Example 2: You are a Standby who is no longer needed.
You are a STANDBY for a 8:00am 2.5 hour cleaning scheduled for the Client Ana.  At 6:15am, you are no longer needed as a standby for Ana's appointment.  There is another 8am 2.5 hour cleaning that meets the criteria that you can be STANDBY for with Client Bethany.  You are paired with the Client Bethany as her standby.  Now, you have a better chance at a full cleaning.

Example 3: Booking Protection does not find a replacement.
You have a 9:30am appointment.  The client cancels at 8am.  There are no replacement cleanings and at 9am you see that nothing was avaialble and you got the Booking Protection Minimum Payment. You then look at Cleaning Opportunities, and you see a new Cleaning Opportunity for 930 that you can make.  You accept it and earn both the Booking Protection Minimum Payment from the original cleaning, as well as any payment for the accepted Cleaning Opportunity.