What is a Cleaning Dispute?

Last updated 4 months ago

If a client disagrees with what you put in the app, your cleaning may be Disputed.

This can happen in the following circumstances:
  • You say that you completed the cleaning, but the client thinks you did not show up.
  • You say that you stayed the full cleaning time, but the client thinks you left early.
  • You say that the client cancelled, but the client thinks you cancelled.
  • Other similar circumstances.
Here is how the dispute process works:
  1. A client initiates a dispute
  2. We notify you and give you the chance to respond
  3. We review evidence and make a determination
When a cleaning is disputed, we want to do everything we can to be fair to all parties.  Please provide as much information and evidence as possible so we can best assess your claims and the client's claims.  We take accurate in-app updates seriously, as well as account for your past history as well as the past history of the client.  The best way to protect yourself from disputes is to use the app correctly and keep your quality and reliability scores up.