What is my Quality Score?

Last updated about 1 month ago

Your Quality Score helps determine whether you win bids to get new clients.  You win new clients by a formula that includes quality score, reliability score, and your bid/pay rate.  The best way to get more clients is to keep your quality and reliability scores high.

The Quality Score has several components:
  • Retention Score
  • Positive Feedback
  • Blacklist Rate
Generally speaking, the most important signal for Quality Score is whether clients are asking for you to come back.  Reviews help, but are less important, so most people should avoid asking for reviews (as that is a common complaint).

Retention Score:
The retention score is technically 1-((# of recurring clients who stopped using TIDY over 90 days) + (# of clients who blacklisted you over 90 days)) / (# of recurring cleanings over 90 days).  Clients who schedule one time cleanings do not affect your score unless they blacklist you.  In other words, if a client blacklists you or a recurring client cancels TIDY, that reduces your score. Keeping you paired clients is the only way to improve your score. The score is updated weekly.  Generally speaking, over 80% retention is pretty good in some areas, other areas its closer to 90%.

Positive Feedback:
This is the percentage of time clients give you a positive rating.  Generally speaking, over 80% positive feedback is pretty good, with 90% being a good goal. Its almost impossible to get a perfect score here, so try to not worry about the occasional bad review.

Blacklist Rate:
How often to Clients blacklist you or you blacklist a Client after a cleaning.  Typically, less than 5% is a good goal.  It does happen occasionally, sometimes because you and the client are just not a good fit, so don't expect to see a 0% rate if you do lots of cleanings.

What if a client gives an unfair ranking?
Clients will occasionally not be fair in their expectations or ratings. As we only use averages, and all Homekeeper are affected by this, it should not affect you too much.  We recommend just focusing on what is in your control, and doing well for clients. 

What if I blacklist a Client?
Blacklisting clients from the app has a small effect on your quality score, because from the clients perspective Homekeepers who frequently blacklist are less likely to be able to serve them on an ongoing basis.  Like most elements of the quality score, we only look at summary data, so the occasional issue should not affect things too much.  For example, some homekeepers have blacklisted high percentages of clients (>10%).  This means from the client's perspective, if they paired with a Homekeeper like this they are less likely to get them in the future.

Other elements of your quality score, particularly your ability to retain clients on the TIDY platform have a bigger effect. We recommend blacklisting when you have clients with a bad fit and focusing on how to keep clients booking with you again.