Adding Addresses

Tap the "More" section of the app, then you should see "Add Address" at the top of that page.

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My address isn't in Google, I'm in a new development, what do I do?

Pros use Google Maps to find the home, so we validate it prior to booking.  If your address is not showing up in Google, we recommend the following:

1) Pick the nearest address to your home that is detected by Google.

2) Add instructions on how to get to your address and access your home in the Home Access Notes section.

I have more than one unit at the same address, what should I do?

For multiple units under one address, we advise our clients to add it as a new one and specifying which unit it is. This way, you are able to have different to-do lists and make sure the Pro knows where to go. However, some other clients prefer just requesting the largest cleaning option and asking for only one job for both properties. If you choose this last option, just remember to make it clear to the pros, using the access notes, that they will clean at two places.

Editing or Deleting Addresses

  • To delete an address, tap into the address you want to remove then tap the "Delete" button.
  •  To edit an address, you need to remove the old one and add a new one.  

If you need to make any other edits, you can contact us for help.  Once you have had a job at a location, we need to remove and add a new address for accurate records.