Defining your Job Request Strategy

TIDY should support any job request strategy that you like, TIDY does not apply any subjective opinion on how you should make requests. If you ever have some need that you can't figure out, let us know. Inside the app, we have the following objective criteria.

These are the possible ways to sort or filter:

  • pro_review_percentage (integer)
  • pro_review_count (integer)
  • pro_block_percentage (integer)
  • pro_block_count (integer)
  • pro_jobs_completed (integer)
  • pro_retention_rate_% (integer)
  • pro_job_cancellation_rate_% (integer)
  • pro_job_cancellation_rate_<24_hours_% (integer)
  • pro_last_job_status (complete, cancelled, no_show)
  • pro_distance_from_location (integer)
  • pro_gender (male,female)
  • pro_id
  • pro_rate
  • my_target_budget
  • my_unused_budget

So to define your ruleset, you can list your job request in the order you want requests to go to pros. You can use the operators:

  • >
  • >=
  • =
  • <=
  • <
  • AND
  • OR
  • ASC
  • DESC
  • THEN - "Then" defines groups, when to move onto the next step.
  • wait_min - for waiting a defined period of time
  • wait_percentage - for waiting a percentage of the time remaining

For each job you can set rules for:

  • Primary - these are people you expect to do the job
  • Standby - these are people you don't expect to do the job but are on standby in case
  • Reserve - this budget is for tips reimbursements, and more

So an example might be:


Uploading your custom strategy is great to make sure your needs are met. If you need help with this, talk to an account manager.

Updated 15 Jul 2022
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