TIDY lets you integrate with a wide variety of services in order to automate what you might do manually. We offer several types of integrations:

  • iCal based integrations (most common)
  • Zapier integrations
  • Direct integrations

In addition, you can always create your own integration using our API.

Airbnb & Other iCal based integrations

Most integrations work via an iCal link, this includes our most popular integrations with Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com. An iCal link looks similar to a website link, but it's used to watch for events in a calendar.

Integrating via iCal allows you to sync data then if you like, enable automatic booking and TIDY will attempt to book a pro following your priorities.

How to Sync Data

When you sync data, reservations will appear in your account. Here is how to sync:

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The steps are basically:

1. Go to the "Integrations" section:

2. Select the integration you want:

3. Export your iCal link from the other service (for example: Airbnb lets you export a iCal link, and provides instructions here).

4. Insert the iCal link into the field here, select the address that this iCal link refers to.

5. Set up Automatic Booking. See Automatic Booking for more details. Automatic Booking works after events, so for rental guests it is the "check out" day. The "Book No Earlier Than" time is the earliest someone could arrive to do the job on the check out day. Most clients pick a time about 30 minutes after their regularly scheduled check out time. The "Book No Later Than" time is the latest time someone could complete the job on the check-in day. Most clients pick a time 30 minutes before the regularly scheduled check in time.

Reservations now appear in your account.

Viewing Reservations

Once you have synced data, you can view the upcoming scheduled appointments in your account in the "Schedule" section. You can tap on a reservation to view what is going on with it currently. When you tap a reservation to see more details, you can see:

  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • The address booked
  • The current automatic booking status. Whether it is off, on, successful, or why it hasn't started yet.
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Zapier Integration

We also offer integrations through Zapier. This can be an easy "no code" way to do anything our API can do. For more information, check out our app on Zapier.

Direct Integration

We have some direct integrations in beta with Property Management Systems.

  • Hostaway

  • Guesty (coming soon)

Please contact us if you have a system you would like us to integrate with.

Updated 14 Apr 2022
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