Invoices & Payment Methods

We offer many ways to control your payments to give you control over what you want. Some of the options include:

  • Pay invoices manually
  • Pay invoices automatically
  • Pay in advance for a job (typically done to save money as pros prefer ensuring that you will pay)

At a high level, when you complete a job a pro will send you an invoice. You can then pay the invoice automatically (with AutoPay) or manually using any of your set payment methods.


When you complete a pro will create an invoice for you to pay. When given an invoice, you may have multiple options on how to pay. This is set up by the vendor, who sets what they choose to accept. If you want your pro to accept another payment method, just ask!

Invoices look something like the below, with options to pay by credit card or other option:

Credit card is a payment option for customers.
Credit card is a payment option for customers.

Managing Payment Methods and Credit Cards

You have many options to pay pros, but we generally recommend credit card when possible. Options include cash, check, Zelle, CashApp, or anything else you and your pro decides. We make it easy to track outstanding invoices and pay them. So for example, if you pro specifies that they prefer Zelle, they can add their information to the invoice so you can pay that way. When paid, you can mark it paid so they can see what you paid and how.

Credit Card Payments

We make it easy to pay your pros, with online payments. Only pros who you have expressly allowed to "AutoPay" may charge this card automatically. All other charges will require your consent.

To manage credit cards, you can add one in the "Payment Method" section. Then tap the card to edit or delete it.

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If you ever believe you have double-paid a pro, please make sure to contact us to make sure things are handled correctly.


AutoPay can be set up for each of your pros, and configured individually for each of them. You can choose to:

  1. Manually approve all invoices. This means you can review each invoice individually and choose to pay each in your own way.
  2. Automatically pay all invoices. This will automatically pay invoices that pro sends you.
  3. Automatically pay all invoices up to a limit. This will automatically pay any invoice at or below the limit you set.

For example, if your AutoPay limit for a pro is $100, and they send you an invoice for $50, you would automatically pay it using the selected payment method. If they sent you an invoice for $105, you would get the invoice to pay it manually.

We know that setting up payment rules for your vendors is critical to managing cleaning and maintenance vendors at your properties. If you have other rules, we may be able to support them. Contact us to let us know.


Credits can be used for future subscriptions or jobs. We always apply credits before using any charge on the account. Unused and un-expired refundable credit from charges can be refunded anytime. Credits from pros can only be used towards their future jobs.

Please note that TIDY credits can expire. Per our terms on tidy.com/terms: "Any and all credits added to an account expires 90 days after the credit is first added to an account unless otherwise specified or unless prohibited by law. Expired credits cannot be used. Note this explicitly does not apply to any credits added from gift cards."


To maximize your savings, you can purchase a bundle of credit.

When you purchase a bundle, your card on file will be charged the amount of the bundle. 

Then, we add 10% additional credit to your account.

That total credit (credit from the charge plus the additional credit) is applied to your upcoming subscription charges in that account automatically, no need to do anything special. (Note: Bundles can only be applied to subscription charges)

Up to 90 days after purchasing a bundle, you can be refunded the bundle amount, less what is used and less the additional credit.  This way, bundles do not create any additional obligations.

For example, if you bought a $500 bundle, you would have $550 in credit added to your account.  If you used $100 in credit, then wanted a refund, you would be refunded $400. 

Gift Cards

To use a gift card, go to the "More" section, then in the payment options you have the option to use a gift card. Tap this option, and follow the instructions to add that gift card credit to your account. The credit will automatically apply to the next billed job on your account. It cannot apply retroactively, for example we cannot refund a past charge and apply the gift code instead.

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Updated 19 May 2022
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