Other Questions

Can I book a move out or move in job?

Yes, you can book One Time Jobs, which will not recur on a schedule.  These are most commonly used for move outs or move ins.  We offer this for both customers with a current plan who want an additional job, and customers who simply want a true one time job.   

In general, during moving things get very dirty.  Most clients book the largest possible job available to them for the event, or multiple jobs over several days as they move out or in.  Every move has different needs, but in general we recommend the largest size.  

Can I get an estimate? How do I get a quote?

We proudly help you see transparent realtime pricing of any job :) No need for quotes or estimates.

If you are looking at possilbe things you can book, and aren't sure what is right, you can create a To-Do list first and see how long it estimates. If you are looking for a cleaning, we can say 2.5 hours is the most popular length.

We believe that every home is different, and we give you a set of tools to ensure you maximize the value of that time.

1) When you create your account, you can tell us your priorities. What is important to you?

2) Before each job, we will send you a list of what we believe can be done. Do we have the right list of To-Dos?

3) Your Pro can see your list of To-Dos and walks through them "turn-by-turn" in the home.

4) You receive a job certificate after each job with what was done.

5) We adjust time estimates going forward, to better help you predict what can/can't be done.

We find this way lets you get the biggest bang for your buck, rather than offer a "one size fits all" job.

That said, you don't need to do anything. We will default your profile to the most commonly requested tasks and your Pro can complete those in your home.

Where do I download the mobile apps? iOS/Android

You can download the mobile apps from:

iOS (iPhone/iPad) - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tidy-house-cleanings-home/id1133337954?mt=8

How do I reset my password or create a password?

You can reset your password, or create a password by tapping "Forgot Your Password" when trying to log in.  Or, you can tap here.

I have pets. What should I do during the Job?

Most people have pets, so dealing with pets is typically part of the job for Pros. However, some pets may hinder the Pro's ability to do their job. Many Pros recommend keeping large, agressive, or "overly friendly" pets in separate closed rooms or kennels that will keep the pets out of the way during the job.

Can they do laundry? Can they wash sheets?

Pros can spend their time doing whatever you'd like, so they can definitely do some laundry if that is your priority.  The most common thing people do is put their sheets in the washer/dryer, and add a To-Do for the Pro to come and pull the sheets out of the dryer and put them on the bed(s).

Just remember that laundry will cut into time available for other things, and that most services are too tight on time to do many loads of laundry. For example, the one hour job would only have time to take something out of the dryer, not really run any loads.

How do I start with a bigger job?

You can start a plan with a deeper clean.  The way we recommend doing that is:

  1. Book the long term plan you want (for example 2.5 hour cleaning) with a further out start date.
  2. Once you finish booking, hit Schedule or Add Job in your account.
  3. Pick the deeper job, pick the time you want that job, and make sure you select the frequency of one time.

Can I buy a gift? How do I buy a gift?

Yes, you can purchase gifts for TIDY.  You can go to https://www.tidy.com/gifts to learn more and do so.

How do I cancel my plan or my account?

You can cancel anytime online by logging into your account, tapping Menu, tapping Schedule, then Edit Plan, then Cancel Plan.

Doing this for any/all addresses you have is the best way to make sure you have no future jobs scheduled.

Does credit Expire?

Per our terms at tidy.com/terms:

Any and all credits added to an account expires 90 days after the credit is first added to an account unless otherwise specified or unless prohibited by law. Expired credits cannot be used. Note this explicitly does not apply to any credits added from gift cards.