Bank Payouts

We automatically send any credit card payments made by clients to your account via bank payout.


Payments - credit card or cash payments made by clients. Bank Payouts - direct deposit ACH transfers sent to your bank.

How to set up bank payouts?

You can set up bank payouts by logging into your TIDY account. Then tap "More" in the menu, then "Bank Payouts". You should see the option to add your bank account to receive payments. Fill that out, and any follow on steps that may be required.

Know Your Customer Laws (KYC)

Sometimes, banks require additional information for regulations. If you need to enter this info, you will be prompted in this section. Please fill it out, and let us know if you have any other issues.

What is included in bank payouts?

Bank payouts are ACH transfers to your bank account. These include any payments earned from clients who pay by credit card, or payments for any clients from TIDY (who use credit card), less any fees incurred for clients. This includes:

  • Any client payments for completed cleanings
  • Any client cancellation payments
  • Any client bonuses
  • Any client tips
  • Less any fees for clients
  • Less any fees owed TIDY

Where are bank payouts sent?

Bank payouts are sent via direct deposit (ACH) to the bank account on file. In your app, tap "More", then in the "Payments" section tap on "Bank Payout Settings".

When are bank payouts sent?

Bank payouts are sent every Wednesday for the calendar week 2 weeks prior, from Sunday to Saturday, by direct deposit.  Transfer times can vary based on your bank, but can take up to a week to become available to you.  This means your payment is usually received within 10 to 17 days of completing a job. 

To reduce fraud, we tie payments to jobs completed in the system and process payments 1 week sooner when one of the following events occur:

  • You use the app to start and finish the job at the location specified.
  • The customer confirms the job was satisfactorily done.
  • The job was done for a repeat customer.

Hint: Accelerate Payouts by Completing Jobs

There are 2 ways to accelerate payouts. (1) Update the job in the app/online accurately or (2) the customer can leave a positive review. Accelerated payouts are paid 1 week earlier, as they have a significantly lower fraud rate.


Let's say you did 2 jobs, 1 on Monday and 1 on Thursday. You would expect to get a bank payout on the next Wednesday for accelerated bank payout, and the 2nd Wednesday if not accelerated. This table may help:





Week 0



Week 1

Accelerated Bank Payout Sent

Week 2

Normal Bank Payout Sent

While payouts should arrive within 2 days of the date shown in your app, these times vary by your bank. If you don't receive a payout 5 days after the date shown, please let us know so that we can help. This can mean it was returned by your bank.

Why are accelerated jobs paid faster?

They are paid faster because the fraud rate on them is lower.

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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