Client Job Requests

Did you get a notice that a client was requesting a job from you via TIDY?

Your clients can request you to complete jobs for them on TIDY. Most clients requesting jobs from you in this way have some sort of automatic booking set up for a rental property.

Free for You

Accepting and completing jobs from your clients is free to you. Your clients are just using this for their convenience.

TIDY is Just a Tool

Think of client job requests like an eSignature. TIDY is simply helping everyone connect and get it done, we aren't interfering in the job at all. Your rates, your work, and your agreement with the clients are unchanged.

Here is how it works for clients:

  • Clients add you to their list of pros.
  • You may be the only person on the list, or one of many.
  • TIDY follows their preferences to contact you, and will contact you in the order they specify.

Here is how it works for you, the pro:

  • Getting a job request is a lot like getting a document for eSignature.
  • You receive information about the request by email or text message at first. You can later configure your notifications to the way you want.
  • You can view information about the job, and the other jobs from that client.
  • You can accept the job.
  • When you accept the job the client gets a notification that you have accepted.
  • The job is added to your calendar in TIDY, and you can sync your TIDY calendar to your own calendar to track and manage all jobs.
  • If you like, you can set up your settings in TIDY for Pros to automatically accept jobs at certain times, rates, or more to let your clients automatically book you. We recommend talking to our team to make sure this is set up right.
  • You do not need to download the TIDY for Pros app to accept jobs, but you can if you like. The website works just fine too, and is available at https://pros.tidy.com.


    Have questions? Contact us at concierge@tidy.com.

Updated 09 Jun 2022
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