Fees for Clients from TIDY

When contracting with Clients most people choose to have mutual fees. This means they agree to pay you if they cancel and request you pay them if you cancel. These are negotiable and set by both parties. These fees help both parties feel comfortable booking, and also provide a method for parties to collect or limit damages for issues (sometimes called liquidated damages - talk with your attorney to pick contract terms that fit your needs). Most commonly, people choose fees for causing clear issues, such as leaving early or cancelling jobs.  It's recommended to avoid canceling, and if necessary to give the Client as much notice as possible. You can notify the Client of any schedule changes or last minute cancellations (Call Outs) from the app.   

Why should you opt into fees for yourself?

The reason you may want to opt into fees for yourself are to: (1) potentially limit the damages a client can claim and (2) make yourself more appealing to clients, who know you follow through on what you say you will do.

Commonly Used Fees

  • Didn't Clean the Client's Full Purchased Time = Typically -50% per job
    • For jobs booked for a length of time, in which you stay over 70% but under 100% of the purchased time, the most common fee is 50%.
    • For leaving with <70% of the job length, its typically considered a call out.
  • No Show = Typically -$40
    • Cancelling after job start time
    • Not giving notice you won't make it
  • Last Minute Call Out = Typically -$30
    • Cancelling on a client with under 3 hours notice
  • Call Out = Typically -$20
    • Cancelling on a client with under 24 hours notice
  • Cancellation = Typically -$10
    • Cancelling jobs with 72 or fewer hours notice
  • No Fee
    • Cancelling jobs with over 72 hours notice

Taking Clients Private

If a client has agreed to pay TIDY to help them with their cleaning or maintenance, and you wish them to break that contract, they incur a fee. This is not a problem, and does not directly impact any scores, but we do require the payment. You and the client are both responsible for making sure that fee gets paid. Please refer to your contract with TIDY for more details.  Any client that you move from Clients from TIDY to be your Private Client will be considered your Private Client and have all the protections normal Private Clients do.

When does this fee apply?

Whenever you solicit them to work outside of TIDY, not using our software. We do not track on our side how much you use this client, or any other information. Once you solicit them or you accept their solicitation, the fee applies.

How much is the fee?

If you tell us that you solicited them the fee is $150. If you do not disclose that you solicited them, it is a $500 fee. So definitely tell us, $150 is an amazing deal for a pre-vetted client.

What if I change my mind? We do offer a "Change Your Mind" Guarantee on the Take Client Private Fee. This is for any instance where you and the client change your minds, and want to keep TIDY in place. This allows you to get this fee refunded if:

  • You are still actively completing at least 1 job per week for Clients from TIDY after 30 days OR complete 10 jobs after taking the client private.
  • The client is still active 14 or more days after their last job with you, which means they have completed 1 or more job and still have jobs scheduled.

So long as both of those are true, we will refund the fee.

How do I use the "Change Your Mind Guarantee"? Hit "Report Issue" or follow up on the thread for the job affected by the fee after 30 days. Just let us know that you were looking to get the fee waived. We do require you to track and notify us within that time window, so please follow up then.

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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