Get Clients from TIDY

What are Clients from TIDY?

Clients from TIDY are basically just clients on your schedule that match your preferences. They are free to you, at whatever your standard rates are.

A big benefit of TIDY is you can set a single Schedule of your availability, fill it with your existing clients, and then accept Clients from TIDY in your extra availability. Whether you have a few existing clients or a lot, TIDY can help you stay booked with a full schedule.

What helps me Clients from TIDY?

Clients from TIDY are able to set their own criteria as well to be booked. Here are the most common requirements clients have:

  • Background Check Certification
  • Equipment Certification
  • You have not called out or no showed to your both your last 2 days of appointments.
  • Your show up rate is >70% over the prior 30 days.
  • Your reviews are >50% positive over the prior 30 days.

Generally speaking, most clients prefer to pick the person who is the highest rated and most reliable for their timeslot. A client may have other requirements, such as insurance, that they may also filter by. The more you can add to your profile, generally speaking, the better!

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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