Instant Payouts

This feature is in beta.

Instant Payouts allow you to get paid within 30 minutes for an additional 2% fee.

If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to us and we can attempt to sign you up for the beta program, and collect your feedback.

Requirements for Instant Payouts

Instant Payouts have additional fraud risk, and as such there are requirements that must be satisfied before your account is eligible.

  • It must be over 30 days from your first completed job
  • You must have completed 10 or more jobs in the software in the prior 30 days.
  • You must maintain a high quality score
  • You must have a low dispute rate:
    • No outstanding disputes
    • No more than 1 of the last 20 jobs must have been a "lost dispute"
    • No more than 3 of the last 100 jobs must have been a "lost dispute"
  • For Clients from TIDY:
    • Instant payouts are only available on:
      • Repeat client jobs, unless those jobs are rated negatively
      • First time client jobs, if they have given a positive review
  • For Private Clients:
    • Any job where the job was started or finished at the GPS coordinates of the client are eligible.
  • The minimum size for an Instant Payout is $25
  • No more than $300/week can be sent via Instant Payout. We hope to expand this over time.

Updated 16 Sep 2021
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