You can "Invoice" a Client, which means send them a request for payment, using TIDY.

Sending an Invoice

Anytime you complete a job, you can send an invoice to a customer. Here is what happens when you send them an invoice:

  • If they have an email on file, they get an email of your proposal.
  • The invoice appears in the customer's Client Hub. This link is great if you want to text or share the invoice in any way you like. Learn more about client hub here: Client Hub

Invoices look great and let clients easily pay in the ways of your choosing, including via credit card. Accepting Credit Cards

Example invoice
Example invoice

Viewing & Editing Invoices

Customers can view the invoice from their client hub or email. You can view it inside the client's profile in your TIDY for Pros app. Client on the client's profile, then.

If you need to cancel invoices, you can also do this here.

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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