Protecting You & Your Clients' Privacy

It’s extremely important to us to respect your relationship with your clients.  We don’t send direct ads to your Private clients, and we protect your data with industry standard security.

Any client that found you elsewhere and you added we call your "Private Client" for a reason, they are yours. Clients who book you through your own TIDY website are also your "Private Clients". When you add a Private Client, they can book and schedule directly with you all online.

This is a bit different from "Clients from TIDY", which are clients that find you via TIDY's marketplace.

There are no fees for adding or managing Private Clients, unless otherwise listed for features like payment processing for them.

Private Clients may default to you for all bookings, depending on their preferences. Clients are not prohibited from using the TIDY Software independently for any reason they choose. For example, to find a different vendor, book a different type of service, or if they are added by another vendor as a Private Client. Regardless of the client's settings, we have found that most clients strongly prefer having the same person each time anyway, so for most clients, if you keep impressing them they will likely keep booking you!

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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