How do Teams work?

Setting up your Team in TIDY is a great way to grow your business, handle more Clients, and have greater coverage when a Team Member can't make it and another Team Member can complete the job instead. Setting up a Team is free, so take advantage of the free features!

If you are the leader of a Team, all jobs you complete, and all delegated jobs your team competes are considered jobs completed by your Team. As the Team Leader, you receive payments for all these jobs directly, and can then send to your Team Members as needed.

It's possible to have your own Team, and also to be on someone else's Team. If you are on someone else's team, jobs delegated to you from that Team will be paid through that Team Leader

Adding Team Members

To invite Team Members, go to the More section in TIDY, and then go to Team. There is an option to Invite a Team Member by inputting their email address. If they accept the invite, and you confirm they meet the minimum requirements listed there to be on your Team, they will be eligible to receive delegated jobs from you.

Adding a team member.
Adding a team member.

Team members do not have access to your account

Your privacy is important, that is why team members cannot access your account. They only have access to jobs that you delegate to them.

Delegating Jobs

On any job, you can delegate your jobs to a team member. They have the option to accept the delegation request. Here are some important things to know about delegation:

  • As the team owner, you are still responsible for the client.
  • Any/all payments or fees will go through you.
  • You are responsible for any team member payments.
  • We recommend communicating with your team to let them know that you are delegating something to them and follow up to make sure they accept and are comfortable with everything.

Doing Jobs as a Team

For some services, you may want to bring a team to do that. This is generally no problem, but here are a couple of tips about doing this in TIDY specifically:

  • You cannot add multiple people to a job in TIDY at this time, only 1 person at a time can be on a job. You can still send as many people as you want, but only 1 will be listed.
  • This means you may want to notify the client that multiple people will be coming.
  • If a client has selected a fixed amount of time, leaving before the end of that time because you have a team may confuse some people. For example, if a client books 4 hours of time, and you bring a team of 2 and want to do it in 2 hours, this can be ok with some clients, and not with others. You may want to confirm with the client first what their preference is.