Tips & Reimbursements


Tips that Clients send via credit card work just like any other credit card payment, and are transmitted on the same schedule as other payments with the same fees.

Whether or not a tip is given very much depends on the circumstance. However, on average we can say:

  • It is always up to a Client.
  • It is not typical to tip business owners after a price is negotiated.
  • It is typical for one time services below $500.
  • It is not typical for recurring services.
  • It is somewhat common to give holiday gifts for recurring services.

Reimbursements (for Parking or Other Expenses)

If you are unable to find parking, we recommend using the button "Can't Access Home" and following the steps in the app to make sure its marked correctly. We also recommend calling and texting the Client multiple times if needed.

Clients can authorize paid parking. If they do, then we recommend following their instructions and saving the receipt. You will be able to send them a photo of it at the end.

We recommend having $20 to cover parking until the time you can get reimbursed. After the job, you will submit a photo of the receipt as a request for your parking to be reimbursed by the Client.   You can do this through TIDY on the Cleaning details page.

Note: To be eligible for reimbursement most clients require you to follow all their parking instructions.  You are generally responsible for the parking conditions (street sweeping hours, etc.) of the spot you choose to park.  Clients generally do not expect to cover towing costs or parking tickets, so we recommend always parking in a legal spot. TIDY never reimburses any parking expenses under any circumstance.