Ratings, Safety, Insurance, & Protection


At TIDY, safety for both Clients and Pros is our top priority.  We take a variety of steps to ensure using TIDY is the safest way to book a home cleaner and to clean homes.

Protecting your phone number

  • When you text or call someone, we use an anonymizing number.  This means they receive your messages, but don't see your direct contact information.

Protecting your information

  • When using the website or app, we use HTTPS to secure information in transit.
  • We do not store plaintext passwords.  Only you have access to your passwords.
  • Access to your profile information is limited only to necessary personnel.
  • We use AWS, the industry standard in hosting.  Security is their top priority, and you benefit from their security efforts.
  • We keep software packages up to date, to solve publically disclosed security flaws as soon as possible after they are announced.

Protecting your Home Access Information

  • We only show Home Access information to people who need the information, at the time they need it.  For example, only the Pro who is job your home can see how to get in.  They can only get that information at the time of the job.
  • We recommend using a lockbox for your safety.  This way, you can change your home access at any time.  We never recommend giving out keys.


We offer several certifications that can help to ensure your pro meets your quality or safety criteria for your needs.

You Control Your Data / Revoking Access to a Pro

If at any time you want to revoke access to your data to a Pro, simply blacklist them (or notify support).  This means they will have no contact info for you, and will be immediately removed from any of your jobs.