We make refunds easy whenever possible, as a part of TIDY's tools to manage pros and billing.

You can refund yourself in the billing history section of your account (https://app.tidy.com/#/billing-history) on charges themselves. There you should see an option to "Request Refund". If eligible, you should be able to get that refund instantly.

If not eligible, and you feel you should be, please contact our concierge by "Get Help" on the charge or tapping the "concierge" section and send us details about the concern.

Why was I charged?

Depending on your account settings, you can pay in advance or after appointments. You can choose to pay before or after jobs. If you choose to pay upfront, you will be charged to prepay for that next scheduled job. This occurs whenever a job becomes "next", typically when you first book a job and after any recurring job is completed. To see the savings for paying in advance, view your pros pricing in the "prices" section in your account here https://app.tidy.com/#/prices. If a job is canceled, then any credit will be automatically applied to the next scheduled job. Unused refundable credit from charges can be refunded anytime. If you'd like to pay after the job, no problem at all. Just change that in the "Payment Settings" section of your account (https://app.tidy.com/#/more).