Viewing Billing History

Viewing Billing History

  • You can view your billing history under the "Account" section online or in the app.
  • Then hit "View Billing History", and you should see a list of charges.
  • Then, you can see a summary of the job, and download an invoice/receipt of the job.
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Waiving Cancellation Fees

Unless otherwise negotiated, cancellation fees typically occur if you cancel appointments within 24 hours of the start of the job. In your account, you can easily request to waive cancellation fees. Most pros do allow waivers in some circumstances, and we help make it easy. Just go to the "Billing History," then look for the fee itself. You should see an option to "Waive Fee," which you can tap to check eligibility. The pro will get notified that you took advantage of their offer, and you will instantly get credit to your account.

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We make it easy to request refunds from vendors.

How to Get a Refund

In the "Charge and Credit" history, you can see a list of charges. If that charge is refundable, you should see an option to get a refund on the charge itself. Tap that to get a refund.

You won't be able to refund if that charge was:

  • Used already by a job (for example, if you prepaid $100 for a cleaning and that cleaning was completed).
  • Your settings are to prepay for a job and that job is still scheduled (for example, if you prepaid $100 for a job next week and that job is still scheduled). If you change your settings to pay after appointments, you can refund a prepayment.

Time to Receive Refunds

When you request a refund, we process the item by the end of the day and often immediately.  You can check the payment method that was refunded and the status of your refund in your "Billing History" under the "Account" section online.

Once we issue the refund, we typically see 2-10 days processing time by the financial institutions that handle this (which include Visa/Mastercard and the bank that issued the card).  It varies by the kind of card/bank you use.  

Why this delay?  Honestly, there is no good reason, just know we issue them right away.  Our company opinion is that it is ridiculous that banks can't process refunds immediately in today's age.  These delays are common to all companies, including Amazon (see here for what they say on the matter).

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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