Viewing Prices

Existing Pro Pricing

For existing pros, to see your current contract with them, tap on their name in the "My Pros" section. This allows you to see the price you set with that individual pro. If you see something that needs updating, talk to the pro and make sure that is updated.

Job Request Pricing Pricing

If you use TIDY to send a job request, depending on your settings you may prepay for a job, but send your request to multiple pros. You set your prices for job requests in the app, and these will go to the pros following the rules you define. This can include budgets for standby pros, multiple pros, parking reimbursements, and more. You control your settings, and you can view the prices for all possible account options by tapping that section in your app or online or speaking with an account manager about your needs.

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Ultimately, we know what is important to you with prices. You want a price that gets the job done right reliably, but otherwise as low as possible. You can set prices to whatever you like. You can price higher or lower, with different results. Pricing higher will typically get more pros excited about working with you. Remember, the best pros have multiple options for clients, so you need to compete to win!

Why do prepayments help pricing?

We typically find that frontloading payments helps find the best deals with vendors, so we recommend prepaying to save.

Editing Prices

To edit your prices, talk to your account manager or the concierge.

Price Rebates

TIDY does not overall make money per job. Sometimes, your set prices may exceed the pros rate. When this happens, it would create an excess credit on your account. After the dispute period on your credit card has expired, so no further disputes can be made and the transaction is 100% finalized, you can request a refund back for any unused funds.

Updated 04 Mar 2022
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