Access Instructions

We strongly recommend adding detailed instructions on how to park and access the home. This ensures that your Pro can reliably and easily find the location to save everyone time.

Example parking and access instructions.
Example parking and access instructions.

Parking Instructions

Unless otherwise agreed to, most Pros expect you to provide or pay for parking. When accepting a job, they are expecting that to be the amount earned and are not typically accounting for parking fees.  This means you are typically responsible for providing parking of some kind to the Pros and are responsible for any costs associated with the Pro to get into your home, this includes reasonable parking costs when appropriate.

For example, if there is only metered parking available, then you would typically be responsible for paying the amount for the meter.

You would generally not be expected to cover parking time outside the job or in areas that you did not designate.  For example, if you tell the Pro to use the garage, and they park in a paid lot down the street, you would typically not be responsible, unless you agreed differently with the pro.

Your Pro may need help!

Attention, attention! It's important to be on the alert for when the time of the job comes. Your Pro may need some help when trying to access your house, so check for any new messages or calls, as they could be from your Pro. If you can't be available for calls or messages, adding access photos on the notes can really help.

Access Instructions (How to Get In)

You do not need to be home for jobs.  In fact, the most important thing we recommend is making sure there is a reliable way for your Pro to get into your home.  We generally recommend a garage code or a lockbox, because it is more secure than leaving a key under the mat (although you can do that too).

Here is a lockbox that some of our clients have used: http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5400D-Set-Your-Own-Combination/dp/B0002YP1VC/

Should I give a key to my Pro?

TIDY strongly recommends NOT giving keys to Pros.  The safest thing to do is retain control of the access to your home. It's also possible they can lose the key. If you need a substitute, and the missing pro has your key, you won't be able to get a substitute!

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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