Automatic Booking

How to Set Up Automatic Booking

After you have synced data, you can enable automatic booking, which means that TIDY can automatically book turnover cleanings on your behalf after your guests leave.

  • Automatic Booking works after the end of a synced event. For rental guests it is the "check out" day.
  • The "Start No Earlier Than" time is the earliest someone could arrive to do the job on the check out day. Most clients pick the check-out time for this.
  • The "End No Later Than" time is the latest time someone could complete the job on the check in day. Most clients pick the check-in time for this.
  • Automatic booking will start sending requests to your pros when a turnover is within 30 days. This is because we found that pro schedules change too much outside of this range anyway. But you don't need to take any action for automatic booking to start searching, it is automatic.

Here is a high level overview:

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Once set up, when we get synced events from something you integrated, we will automatically create a Job Request. This Job request will have:

  • Follow the priority you set in your "My Pros" priority list.
  • Be booked to start no earlier than your "Start No Earlier Than" time on the check out date.
  • Be booked to end no later than your "End No Later Than" time on the following check in date, or 4 days, whichever is earlier.

Example of Automatic Booking

You sync your Airbnb calendar. You set up your automatic booking settings with a Start No Earlier Than time of 11am (30 min after your check out time) and a End No Later Than of 2:30pm (30 minutes before your check in time). A guest books for Jan 10 - Jan 13. We automatically create a Job Request to your pros in the priority you set to start no earlier than Jan 13, 11am and end no later than Jan 17, 2:30pm (4 days after check out). Next, someone books for Jan 7-9. We then automatically create a Job Request to your pros to start no earlier than Jan 9, 11am and end no later than Jan 10, 2:30pm (before your next guest checks in).

Handling Overlapping Bookings

Sometimes, you may have jobs scheduled via Automatic booking when there is no guest expected. However, then later a guest books during that timeframe. What TIDY will do is automatically update any job requests to match the new records. But if someone has already booked a confirmed job, we will not automatically cancel the job. You must do it online or in the app.

For example, you have a guest booked between the 1st and 3rd and the next guest from the 8th to the 10th. Automatic booking may find you a cleaner for the 4th. Now, if a guest were to book you from the 3rd to the 8th, you have 2 issues that may need solving.

(a) You need a cleaner out on the 3rd and the 8th.

(b) You may need to cancel the cleaner on the 4th.

With Automatic Booking enabled, TIDY will automatically solve (a) by creating job requests for the 3rd and 8th. We will NOT automatically cancel any jobs automatically, as in some cases people wish to keep the appointment.

We have plans to add more options here soon, please let your account manager know what you would like to support.

Updated 14 Apr 2022
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