Booking Different Type Of Services With Your Pros

Adding your Pros will also allows you to schedule different types of services they might offer. This is a great option to book the right job for your needs while keeping your schedule perfectly organized.

Booking a service in the "Schedule" section

You can select any of the available services by going to your Schedule and tapping/clicking "Book Job(s)". The Pro who offers that service will be automatically selected. If you have more than 1 Pro offering the same type of service, you can browse between Pros in the dropdown menu. Pick the frequency and date, and you are all set!

Booking a Window Washing service
Booking a Window Washing service

Booking online directly with your Pro

You can also check and request a service directly with your Pros by going to the "My Pros" section of your account, selecting the Pro, then tapping / clicking "Book Job".

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Each type of service has its own icon, making it easier to track them in your schedule:

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Updated 19 Jul 2022
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