The dashboard shows all of your properties and allows you to view various reports. Each report has a table of data, and some reports have a map.

The report types are:

  • Overview Report - Designed to give you a quick view of all your properties, the next job, the last job, and more.
  • Past Jobs Report - This shows all past jobs on your account across all addresses.
  • Future Jobs Report - This shows all upcoming scheduled jobs and job requests across all properties.
  • Maintenance Report - This shows all upcoming maintenance suggested by manufacturers and experts.

Overview Report

The overview report has the most dynamic map of all the reports. On the map it will show:

  • Your addresses.
  • Whether an address has an active job request.
  • Standbys in the area, who are ready to cover if you have issues.
  • Nearby jobs done in your area, so you get a feel for what others are doing.

Updated 05 Nov 2021
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