Getting Started: Employer Benefits

TIDY helps companies manage cleaning and maintenance as a benefit. You must talk to an account manager to set this up. Here is how it works:

  1. Add your employees - Add a list of employees into our system. You can do this manually or by integrating into an HRIS system (like ADP, Workday, Gusto, Ripple, and more).
  2. Choose a campaign - Pick from a one time or recurring campaign with any criteria you like! Examples include "a one time campaign of $100 per employee" to "A monthly benefit of $125 per month for all full time employees in North America, but only employees who have been around for 90 days.".
  3. Load credit - Add credit to your account to cover the campaign.
  4. Distribute credit - Distribute credit automatically or manually depending on your campaign.
  5. Employees use credit.
  6. Unused credits can be applied to other people, or ultimately refunded.