Getting Started: Rental Properties

TIDY offers many great features for rental properties. We know that managing the operations at one or more properties is hard, and TIDY offers a variety of tools to make that easy. The main way we recommend getting started for rental properties is:

  1. Add 1 or More Addresses. Add one or more rental property locations that you want us to help with.
  2. Set up Integrations. Connect all your accounts from booking channels (like AirBnb, VRBO) or your property management system (like Hostaway, Guesty) to automatically sync your calendar with TIDY.
  3. Add any existing Pros/Vendors. Add anyone you already use
  4. Enable Automatic Booking . This will automatically request jobs from your list of pros.
  5. Set up To-Do Lists. Generate visual To-Do lists of exactly how you want your properties turned over.
  6. Create a Map. Create a fun map of your property to share with your pros.
  7. Get maintenance suggestions. We can help provide maintenance suggestions based on what other clients do and what experts say.
  8. Book anything you need. If you need any appointments that weren’t gotten in the first sync, just book them.

We Strongly Recommend Adding Many Pros/Vendors

We know the industry well, the only way to have reliability is to have redundancy. We recommend adding at least 3 pros or vendors that can serve each property to ensure adequate

Example: Charlie’s Property Management Company.

Before TIDY: Charlie manages 4 properties he lists on AirBnb. Every time between bookings, he has to call up one of the 2 vendors he uses for a job: Ann and Barbara. He leaves voicemails for each of them, and they call him back later to confirm an appointment time.  About 25% of the time, they don’t show up at all. Tracking their progress requests lots of texts and calls.

Charlie decides to use TIDY.

After TIDY: Charlie adds his 4 addresses to TIDY. Then he connects his AirBnb account, adds his 2 existing vendors (Ann and Barbara) and occasionally uses other Pros that he finds on TIDY as a backup in case they can’t make it. He adds a To-Do list to show each person exactly what to do.

Now when a guest reserves his AirBnb, TIDY automatically checks if a job is needed. It send's Charlie's request automatically to Ann or Barbara first. Ann accepts by tapping in her app, and the booking is all set. She uses TIDY to track her work, so Charlie knows what is going on.

All this was free to Charlie, and he saved about an hour of time calling and following up with the whole process.

Updated 14 Apr 2022
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