Laundry or Linens

For cleaning tasks, handling laundry can be a difficult task. Note: Some people use "Linens" to mean sheets and towels, or other items. We use these terms interchangeably.

There are a couple of options within TIDY to specify what you want done:

  • Don't do laundry
  • Replace with fresh linens (but don't wash)
  • Wash laundry on site
  • Coordinate with off-site laundry service (coming soon)

Each of these options have different benefits and costs:

Laundry Option

How To Do It

Don't do laundry

Simply omit any mention of laundry in your to-do list.

Replace with fresh linens (but don't wash)

We recommend adding to-dos with photo notes to ensure your pro knows where to get the fresh linens and how to replace the linens.

Wash laundry on site

We recommend:

  • Adding to-dos with photo notes that show the proper settings on the laundry machine and dryer, as well as detailed instructions on what you would like laundered on site.
  • Ensuring you have booked enough time to run the cycles necessary. For example, if it takes 1 hour to run a load of laundry and 1 hour to dry, you would need to book a minimum of 2.5 hours to ensure there is enough time to run the loads and properly handle them.

Coordinate with off-site laundry service

(coming soon: we have features in progress that will allow you to coordinate drop off, pick up, and proper handling of laundry cleaned off-site with third parties)

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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