To-dos are items that you might want done. Examples include:

  • Clean the floor
  • Take out the trash
  • Put in this pool chemical

Basically anything you want. We generally recommend adding enough detail so your Pro can know what to do and how to do it. But, a picture is worth a thousand words, so most of the time if you are writing a lot, we recommend adding a photo instead. See more below.

To-Do Options

If your To-do matches a known category, we will show the most popular options for that category that we have seen. Selecting the right options can really clarify exactly how you want something done, as no two people are alike.

Most Important

Typically, most people have a few things that are very important to get done right. We recommend marking these as "Most Important", which will highlight them for your Pro.

Document image

Photo Notes

You can add "Photo Notes" to any to-do to describe visually what you want done. This can be really helpful!

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Time Estimates

When you first add a To-do, we do the best we can to match it to existing To-dos like it and estimate the time based on what is most commonly estimated by others. While this works great on average, no property is really average :) So just note there will be variability depending on what exactly you want done and what condition your home is in. For example, a To-do to "Wash Dishes" can vary if there is 1 plate and a dish washer vs 100 and none.

If you see a time estimate that looks incorrect, we do recommend adjusting that! It will only help ensure we give you better results, and help everyone learn more.

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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