"Plans" are recurring jobs that are automatically scheduled to repeat on a regular basis, typically one of these frequencies:

  • Once a week
  • Once every other week
  • Once every 4 weeks

Most of the time, there is a discount for booking a plan over a one time job, as Pros prefer repeat business.

Add a Plan

Adding a new plan works similar to adding any job. While booking a job, simply pick a frequency other than "one time", and you have booked a plan.

Reschedule or Edit a Plan

You can view plans in the "Plans" section of the "Schedule" page. Tap "Schedule" in the menu to get there. You will see a list of all active plans, and by tapping on that plan you can change:

  • The day or time of the recurring appointment (for example: changing from Mondays at 8 am to Tuesdays at 11 am)
  • The type of service (for example: changing from a 1-hour cleaning to a 2.5-hour cleaning)
  • The Pro you wish to book with (for example: using Ana not Bob)

Cancel a Plan

You can cancel a plan by tapping on the plan you wish to cancel in the "Plans" section of the "Schedule" page. Tap "Schedule" in the menu to get there. Cancelling your plan will cancel all jobs in your plan, anything that has not been actively started with the person on your property. So we recommend waiting until after you are done with all services from a Pro before cancelling a plan.

Updated 10 Jan 2022
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