Bonuses & Quests

There are several types of bonuses and quests available from clients or TIDY.


Bonuses are from clients. There are two main kinds of bonuses given by clients:

  • "Job Bonus" - For completing a job
  • "Plan Bonus" - For completing a job and remaining bookable for a period of time, so that way a client can book you for their full plan. Clients looking for a repeat job, tend to strongly prefer pros they can get back for each of their jobs, so are typically willing to pay more.

Please note that if a bonus is made for a period of time, and you mark yourself unavailable, then you would no longer be eligible for the bonus, even if you completed the job.


You accept 2 jobs with bonuses. The first job has a "Job Bonus" of $10. The second job has a "Plan Bonus" of $20. You complete both, you would earn $30 additional dollars. After a few days, you decide to mark your schedule off, and you lose the $20 plan bonus (as you didn't fulfill the requirements for the bonus).


Completing quests are a great way to learn how to use TIDY, and we keep adding more over time. Quest are a combination of a walkthrough on core features, as well as an incentive to finish setting up important parts of your account. Incentives are typically in the form of discounts on future credit card processing fees. Quests are completely optional, and hopefully a bit fun. You can find the "Quests" section from the "Dashboard" page.

Here are examples of Quests you may see:

Private Client Quest

This quest is completed if you add a private job and complete that private job for a private client.

Delegate a Job to Your Team

This quest is completed if you add a team member to your account, delegate a job to them, and they complete the job.