There are two types of disputes in TIDY.

  • Client Disputes - This is when the client opts to undergo the TIDY Dispute resolution process. This is fast, with resolutions in about a week, and free for you and the client.
  • Chargeback Disputes - A Chargeback dispute occurs when a cardholder tells their card issuer/bank that there was a problem with your payment. The payment amount, along with a separate 15 USD dispute fee (United States), is then deducted from your account balance.

Dispute Rate Issues

If your dispute rate with clients exceeds 0.5%, you may see your account deactivated.

How Client Disputes Work

When a client disputes a job through TIDY, you will get an alert in your dashboard. They will tell you what they want (up to 100% of the transaction back) and their reasons why.

Here is what happens:

  • You have 3 days to accept their resolution or respond with a different proposal.
  • If you accept their resolution, the change will immediately apply.
  • If you counterpropose, they will have 3 days to accept your counterproposal, or have TIDY make the determination based on your mutual quality scores and job updates.
    • If you have low-quality scores, a high dispute rate, or inaccurate updates, you will lose the dispute.
    • If you have accurate updates and high-quality scores or the client has disputed more than 10% of their jobs, you will win the dispute.

How Chargeback Disputes Work

  • The bank will instantly debit your TIDY balance and hold the fund while processing the dispute.
  • You typically have 7-21 days to respond with evidence.
  • The evidence requirements are typically best as photos, and more, you will see guidance in your app.
  • If you do not submit evidence by the deadline, you will lose the dispute, even if the client drops it. So you probably always want to submit evidence.
  • If you submit evidence, the bank can take anywhere from 3 days to 90 days to respond. We typically see things resolved in about 60 days.
  • The bank's decision is the final step in this process, and to recover funds from the client you would need to take other legal remedies. We are unable to help with this, although you can use our software and your digital updates for any such proceedings.