Integrations & Lead Sources

TIDY's goal is to be the 1 place you need to go to manage your whole business. That is why we allow you to integrate with other lead sources and marketing channels, to get more leads.

PLEASE NOTE: Each channel will have its own rules, so please be aware of them.


Bark has customers worldwide who request a variety of services, including home services like home cleaning and gardening.

By integrating Bark into TIDY, you will see Bark opportunities in the opportunities section of your app. Bark works by having you use credits to bid on a prospect. You get their contact info, then can follow up however you like.

Integrating TIDY and Bark has the following advantages:

  • You can see the Bark leads in context with your existing customers, to more easily know if it is a good fit.
  • Bid with a tap.
  • If you bid, a prospect will automatically be created.
  • TIDY's tools can help you follow up, send them a great-looking proposal, and close that client!

To set this up, contact concierge@tidy.com.

Updated 02 Feb 2022
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