Payment FAQs

Why is my payment slower for a job?

One of the ways we reduce frauds is only processing payments for jobs you record in the system. If you do not do so, your payments are sent slower. Most pros opt to use the app to confirm things and get payouts 1 week faster.

Why does it ask for bank or identity verification?

We rely on third parties, including banks, to send payouts to your bank account. Due to banking regulations, most Pros will need to complete “Know Your Customer” (KYC) steps which includes validating your identity and use of the account. We will prompt you in the app when additional information is required for your account.

What is a dispute?

Clients who dispute your charges or jobs initiate a process. We submit this information to the credit card companies to try and determine the resolution. To reduce disputes, we recommend keeping good scores and providing detailed feedback in response to any disputes. See Disputes for details.

Job FAQs

See Job Issues.

Account FAQs

Where do I download the app?

You can use the app in one of 3 ways, note our app for Pros is called "TIDY for Pros" (in some places "TIDY.com for Pros".

How do I cancel my use of TIDY?

You can Pause yourself anytime in the “Schedule” section.

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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