Background Check Certification

The Background Check Certification for Clients means that you have passed a standard background check that ensured the following:

  • We could find no misdemeanor or higher convictions or pending charges related to theft or violence at any time. Please note that infractions or charges not related to safety will not fail this certification. The most common examples that show up that do not prevent certification are possession of Marijuana or DUI.
  • The social security number could be verified.
  • You were not listed on the terrorist watch list or on sex offender list.
  • TIDY has no other verified safety issues or reason for TIDY to be concerned about safety.

Please note that the time to process a background check varies by county, and can be anywhere from instant to 2 weeks.

Quality Certification

This is if you received more positive reviews from Clients than negative ones over the prior 30 days.

Reliability Certification

This is if you complete most of the scheduled jobs with you over the last 30 days, and no more than 1 day of no shows over the prior 2 days.

Equipment Certification

Each service type has the ability to get a “Equipment Certification” which means you confirm you have the most common supplies that other Pros have for that service type. Basically, it’s a spot check that you can do to let Clients know you have the equipment to do the job.

For example, the minimum supplies you need to bring to a cleaning are:

  • Working full vacuum cleaner. 
  • Mop with a removable/washable head
  • All Purpose Cleaner (rated C or greater from EWG if you want to support green cleanings)
  • Window Cleaner (rated C or greater from EWG if you want to support green cleanings)
  • Cleaning clothes/sponges
  • Anything else you deem safe and appropriate

Any supply that you and the Client agree to use can be used.  So there is never a situation where you are not allowed to use something you and the Client want to use. 

You are the professional, and can decide to use the products you want.  "Certified" simply means that you had something reasonably common.

Good Cleaning Equipment Certification Example

If you were a home cleaner, these images reflect supplies we see typical of a professional cleaner:

Document image
Document image

Bad Cleaning Equipment Certification Example

This is an example of equipment that did not appear to be professional equipment for the job.

Document image

Provider Decertification Policy

If you no longer satisfy any criteria for Certification, then you lose that certification. Clients who require that certification for booking will be automatically removed from your schedule.