Job Issues

What if you have trouble accessing the home or parking?

If you are having trouble parking or accessing the home, we recommend making best efforts to access the home, and sending the client regular polite updates about what is going on so it's clear. The worst thing to happen generally is if the client would later dispute the job and say that you cancelled if in fact you tried hard to get into the home and could not.

Here is a format we have seen professionals use successfully so clients have trouble disputing things:

  1. First send a SMS saying something like "I'm having trouble parking/accessing and here is what I'm trying, can you message me back to help?".
  2. Then call to ask the same thing.
  3. Then send another SMS about 5 minutes later saying something like "I still can't access/park. These are the addional things I've tried."
  4. Call again.
  5. Then 5 minutes later send them a message saying something like "I will need to leave soon if I can't get in/park. Here is the latest update."
  6. Call again.
  7. Finally, after 20 minutes of trying sending them a message saying something like "Unfortuantely I couldn't get in after trying everything. I do need to leave now, but I would love to help you again in the future."

You can always do what you like, this is just something we have gotten good feedback on from other pros.

What if you finish early?

If a client books a set of time, most of the time they expect you to stay the full time. Leaving early, or asking to leave early, is always a risk. If you leave early, the client may dispute your job.

If you run out of a client's To-Dos, most clients expect you to continue cleaning with your own best judgment. Manage your clients however you like, just be aware of the risks of leaving early. Also, note that many Clients feel uncomfortable asking you to stay the full time they paid for. It’s generally more common for them to later complain and dispute your job. A common mistake pros make is asking a Client "I think I finished is there anything else?".

If for some reason a Client asks you to leave early, here are some things that Top Pros have said if a client asks you to leave early.

  • "You paid for the full time and I should stay the full time."
  • "I'd prefer to stay and finish the full time, as there is always more to do."
  • (for cleaning) "If someone in the Army can clean a tiny room for 12 hours, I can clean for 4 hours and still not get it close to perfect."

If you and a Client would like to mutually cut a job short no problem! But just be aware of the risks. Leaving a job prior to 70% of the job without the Client's consent is typically considered by clients a call out or no show.

What if you don’t finish?

Every Home and Cleaning is unique. Some To-Do lists may be too long or some tasks may take longer than expected. Clients generally expect you work for the full duration of the Cleaning, but you may not get some tasks on the to-do list. We recommend marking the tasks you were not able to complete on the Cleaning Certificate. That will make sure it appears on the to-do list on your next visit.

At the end of the day, these are your clients!  You control the manner and means by which the work is performed.

Who should I contact in case of a safety emergency?

Your safety is our top concern. If you ever feel like you are unsafe, please call 911.  After you are safe, if you believe the issue is something we should be aware of, please report the safety issue to us on the job so we can determine the best course of action.

What if the Client doesn't want a Job after you’re already on the way?

One of the benefits of using TIDY with your clients is that they should get automatic reminders of their jobs (unless you change this setting). To update a job to indicate that the client canceled (or if they thought they canceled), hit the button "Client Refused Service" in your app.

What if the Client wants to edit or extend a job?

This is your client so of course up to you. If you have another job scheduled after a job, you may not want to stay longer than the original because it could make you late for your next job. However, if you want to edit the job, we typically recommend just negotiating on the spot and having them pay any remaining balance by tipping.

Can I get on a ladder? Handle hazardous materials? What if I don't feel safe doing something?

You 100% control what you do in the home.  While a client can ask you to do anything (by adding a To-Do for it), that does not mean you have to do it.  You can simply tell a client when you are not comfortable performing a task.  You may also want to check into what your insurance may or may not cover when deciding what kinds of things to support.  For example, you may want to see if you will be covered if you get on a ladder.  You are your own boss, and can make the decision best for you.  

If a client persists in asking you to do something you don't wish to do, you can block the client and you won't be paired with them again. 

What if I break something?

If you damage something in the home, use your best judgment with how to deal with any debris or dangerous materials in the moment. Communicate with your Client on best steps to take, and they can submit a damage claim via TIDY if they like.

In lieu of other means of recourse, Clients may opt to use the TIDY Damage Claim Process. The benefit to the TIDY Damage Claim Process for you is that its fast for all parties and free. As we only issue credit to clients for Damage claims, this provides 2 benefits. (1) We believe this reduces the incidence of false claims. (2) We don't make money off these credits, and pass the benefit on to you by increased savings.

The damage claims process is similar to the dispute process in many ways. See the terms for more details.

What if my Client is being rude/disrespectful or I do not feel safe?

If a Client is being rude or disrespectful, please use your best judgment on how to proceed. If you are uncomfortable we recommend leaving the client's home and let us know. 

If you have a safety concern, we strongly recommend leaving the situation immediately and dial 911.

If you would like to remove a Client from your schedule, please Block the Client and that will not allow the Client to schedule with you moving forward. 

Can I be recorded in the home? What do I do with cameras?

It is very common for Clients now to have video and audio recorders of some kind in the home.  When in someone else's home, you have minimal expectations of privacy.  Clients can definitely record you doing work in their homes, including monitoring and tracking where you go, what you do, and how you do it. Most clients who have these devices expect them to stay on, and consider it a violation of a Client's home to deliberately turn off, cover, or mute audio or video recording devices in the home without their consent.   

Some audio or video recording devices you may see in the home include:

  • Video Doorbells - Such as Ring, Nest
  • Video Cameras - Such as Ring, Nest, Dropcam, Baby Monitors
  • Audio Recorders/Microphones - Such as Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home

Of course, if you see something you believe to be a legal issue, please let us know.

Can a Client request me for a time I am not available?

Yes! Clients can request you for times that you are not available. However, we recommend keeping your schedule up to date as many Clients only want to book with Pros who have confirmed open availability.

What should I do if Clients ask for my personal information?

A Client may ask for your personal information to reach out to you outside of TIDY.  Do so at your own risk. For safety purposes, we recommend limiting any communication that makes you uncomfortable. 

If you share your off-platform contact information, and that Client was brought to you by TIDY, then we do assess a "Take Client Private Fee" for soliciting Clients to break their agreement with us. You or the Client are responsible, see your terms for more details.

How do I resolve a location services error?

You can google your exact phone to determine how to fix any location services errors, but typically fixing errors requires:

  • You give the app permission to access location services
  • Your GPS on your phone is working
  • You have a connection to GPS

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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