Job Issues

What if you have trouble accessing the home or parking?

If you are having trouble parking or accessing the home, we recommend making best efforts to access the home, and sending the client regular polite updates about what is going on so it's clear. The worst thing to happen generally is if the client would later dispute the job and say that you cancelled if in fact you tried hard to get into the home and could not.

Here is a format we have seen professionals use successfully so clients have trouble disputing things:

  1. First send a SMS saying something like "I'm having trouble parking/accessing and here is what I'm trying, can you message me back to help?".
  2. Then call to ask the same thing.
  3. Then send another SMS about 5 minutes later saying something like "I still can't access/park. These are the addional things I've tried."
  4. Call again.
  5. Then 5 minutes later send them a message saying something like "I will need to leave soon if I can't get in/park. Here is the latest update."
  6. Call again.
  7. Finally, after 20 minutes of trying sending them a message saying something like "Unfortuantely I couldn't get in after trying everything. I do need to leave now, but I would love to help you again in the future."

You can always do what you like, this is just something we have gotten good feedback on from other pros.

What if you finish early?

If you finish the tasks on the Client's To-Do list with time remaining in the service, use your best judgment on how to make the Client happy. Clients generally expect that Pros stay and do their best for the full job time. 

If the job is for a set amount of time, most clients do not believe you can "finish" a job in the shorter times booked through TIDY.  For example, those in the Army have noted that they would spend 12 hours on 1 room to get it clean.  If you leave early, and the client complains, you may have a large penalty, so leaving early carries risk.  Ultimately, it is up to you, but we recommend being aware of the risks.

What if you don’t finish?

Every Home and Cleaning is unique. Some To-Do lists may be too long or some tasks may take longer than expected. Clients generally expect you work for the full duration of the Cleaning, but you may not get some tasks on the to-do list. Make sure you mark the tasks you were not able to complete on the Cleaning Certificate. That will make sure it appears on the to-do list on your next visit.

At the end of the day, these are your clients!  You control the manner and means by which the work is performed.