Waiving Fees

If a fee looks incorrect, please let us know. But, if you incurred a fee that you wish to be waived, you can request it from your client in the app anytime. This is subject to your agreement with the Client, and if allowed will be automatically updated if possible.

Most Clients allow for waivers of fees that are infrequently needed, typically no more than 3 every 90 days.

Emergencies happen and we understand that. You can waive fees associated with a life event easily in your app.  To see if you are eligible and to waive fees, please use the "Waive Fees" menu option in TIDY.

For example, if you get into a car accident, and have to call out of a job and cancel that week's jobs, you can request all related fees waived automatically.  Note: you must request all related fees at the time of the life event (within 7 days of the fee being incurred).


Say you broke a bone, a family member died, a child was sick, or any other issue on a Monday. You have to cancel on the next week of jobs. You can tap "Waive Fees" and request all eligible fees waived for that full week.

How to Waive Fees

You can waive fees by tapping on the job itself with the fee, then tapping "Waive Fee".

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Once you tap "Waive Fee", you can waive multiple fees at once, based around the time the fees were incurred. This only applies to clients who have agreed to allow infrequent issues get waived.

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Updated 16 Feb 2022
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