View, Edit, or Cancel Jobs

Viewing Jobs

To view upcoming jobs, make sure you are logged in at tidy.com or one of our mobile apps, and go to the Schedule section.  Your next few jobs will appear with details about each job.  (If you have a recurring plan, jobs that are more than a few weeks ahead may not appear until they are closer).

Your next job will show expanded details, options, and real-time updates, so it’s helpful to log in and view your Schedule section when you have a job coming up.

Rescheduling or Editing Jobs 

You can use the “reschedule” feature on any job in order to edit the time, date, or service type. 

You can also edit the full plan.

Note that rescheduling or editing a job is subject to availability and may result in cancellation fees, so it's generally best to make changes far in advance.

Once a job has started, we don't have a way to edit or extend jobs inside the app. You can always negotiate a change with the Pro if you both agree. For example, if you wanted to change a job from 2.4 to 4 hours, you could ask the Pro and pay them a large tip for their time.

Cancelling Jobs

You can easily cancel or skip a job online.  When you log into your account, you will see a list of your jobs.  

  1. Click or tap the job you would like to cancel.
  2. Click or tap Skip on the job.
  3. Confirm, and you've skipped this job.

Cancellation / Reschedule Fees

We almost never see penalties or fees for canceling your service outside of the 24-hour window, unless you have made such an agreement with a Pro.

Most Pros Have Cancellation Fees

If you did not negotiate another set of terms with the Pro, and decide to use the "Optional Service Contract Terms" without modification, then the cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of the job if you cancel or reschedule it with less than 24 hours notice. TIDY does not charge any cancellation fees, however, the vast majority of Pros do.

Waiving Cancellation Fees

Most Pros have a provision to waive your first cancellation fee by adding credit for a future appointment, to ensure that appointment gets rescheduled instead.

You can easily request to waive cancellation fees in the app. Just go to your "Billing History" (in the "more" section), then go to where you see the fee. You should see a link to "waive fees".

Example of what "Waive Fee" looks like.
Example of what "Waive Fee" looks like.

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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