Certifications & Ratings

You can always select the Pro you like when booking, you are in control. Pros you want to request for jobs do NOT need to complete any kind of certification or maintain a rating to use the software. If you ever need to customize your workflows to get pros, please let us know!

What does Certification or Certified mean?

TIDY offers several certifications for your professionals. Many clients choose to select those who have had each of these certifications.  All certifications are as objective as possible, and completely within the control of the professional to complete and satisfy.  These include:

  • Background Check Certification. This means they have passed a standard background check that ensured the following:
    • We could find no misdemeanor or higher convictions or pending charges related to theft or violence at any time. Please note that infractions or charges not related to safety will not fail this certification. The most common examples that show up that do not prevent certification are possession of Marijuana or DUI.
    • The social security number could be verified.
    • They were not listed on the terrorist watch list or on the sex offender list.
    • They also had no verified safety issues (such as a conviction related to theft or safety).
    • They have no more than 1 unverified safety issue (such as accusations of theft) in every 1,000 jobs. Note: most unverified safety issues end up being items that are later found, and are much rarer than this, we find this to be the right blend of avoiding "false positives".
    • Checks are made at the Federal level and their known county of residence.
    • If you have different requirements please reach out to let us know we may be able to accommodate.
  • Equipment Certification. We confirmed that they seem to have the most common supplies to do the job.
  • Quality Certification. They received more positive reviews than negative reviews over the last 30 days.
  • Reliability Certification. They show up for most jobs in the last 30 days, and have shown up for the last 2 days of jobs.

As these are objective criteria we do not make exceptions, so you can book with confidence.

If your settings are to require certifications, and a pro fails to meet those certifications, they would no longer be bookable unless otherwise specified or added. Our goal is always to ensure only true bona-fide professionals can use the software, never any "gig" workers.

NOTE: Not all pros are certified. For example, if you add a pro, they are your pro and there is no requirement they be certified by us. If you ask for our help finding a new pro, and they are available on public platforms (like Yelp, Google, etc), we will not seek certification. If you require a certification for your home, please let us know in writing.


If you are not selecting a specific Pro, you can book a timeslot by rating. Determining the best possible fit for you is really important. We allow you to filter by the rating of the timeslot. The rating is objective, not subjective by TIDY, and means the following:

  • 4.6 stars and above - These times have 2 or more pros available with above-average quality scores.
  • 4.2 stars and above - These times have 1 pro available with above-average quality scores or 2+ pros available with average quality scores.
  • 4 stars and above - These times have 1 or more pros available with average quality scores or higher.

Quality scores are also objective, and mean the following:

  • The rate at which they get positive ratings
  • The rate at which clients request them back
  • The rate at which they cancel jobs.

Each of these is weighted equally, so someone above average is on average better at these three things.

We generally recommend you pick as high of a rating as can work for your schedule.

What if I just want to pick a Pro?

You can add any pro you like or browse pros to pick who you like. Use the dropdown when scheduling to do this.