Satisfaction Guarantee, Disputes, & Protection

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to make TIDY easy to try and make sure you get a home cleaned to your wishes.  

If you are unhappy with your first job for any reason, just send us a note within 72 hours of your scheduled job requesting a redo.  We will add credit to your account to enable you to get a complimentary job with another Pro. Most of the time this will be our 1 hour service, to come get missed spots.

If we have no availability in your area with any Pro for 14 days after granting the Satisfaction Guarantee, then we will issue you a 100% refund.

Note: The Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to One Time jobs, which are when you have not set up a recurring job plan, and simply book 1 job.

Disputes with Pros

How does disputing the job work?

TIDY is a platform like Airbnb and Ebay. We offer protection against poor performance from Pros or fraud, much like Amazon and Ebay provide buyer protection on their platforms.

Instead of disputing a job, you may want to take advantages of our Satisfaction Guarantee.  This allows you to get a complimentary job if you are unhappy with your first job for any reason.  Just leave a negative review and block that pro from your account, and it will automatically apply. Most of the time this will be our 1 hour service, to come get missed spots. You cannot both dispute a job and get a Satisfaction Guarantee.

However, if a Pro claims that they completed the job, and you believe they did not perform the service at all you can initiate a dispute.  Disputing a job makes sure that the Pro does not get paid for failing to perform the service, and you will be refunded.  You just need to contact the concierge and tell them that you are disputing the job, and which Pro you are initiating the dispute against. If you believe they arrived and did something, but not to your standards, this is not eligible for disputing (and must go through another coverage such as the Satisfaction Guarantee).

You must initiate a dispute of the job within 72 hours of the job, and complete the process within 10 days.

You can only dispute with a maximum of 1 Pro per job day.  So if you book with multiple cleaners, you will at maximum be able to dispute a job with one of them.  For example, if you book a 2 person job, and are unhappy with the results, you can dispute the job with one, but not both of the cleaners.

No Theft Coverage

Under no circumstances do we cover theft unless you have a written and signed separate agreement for theft coverage. We CAN cover it but you must go through underwriting, pay for that protection, and sign a separate agreement for that. Regardless whether you have purchased theft coverage, we always recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment.

Other Protection

We do also offer the option of purchasing Job Insurance, which is effectively a Money Back Guarantee, as well as additional protection offered against theft, damage, and other issues. One such coverage is the ability to get your money back on jobs you are not happy with.  We are able to offer you a custom quote by contacting us in advance of any job. Please note that you cannot purchase job insurance retroactively on jobs, so please be sure to contact our team prior to any appointments so we can work with you on pricing and coverage for your unique needs.