Satisfaction Guarantee, Disputes, & Protection

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be able to use TIDY with confidence. If you are not happy with TIDY for any reason, cancel within 30 days to get a full refund of any subscription fees you paid to TIDY. In addition, when you book via TIDY, many pros support a satisfaction guarantee on their side, and you can also use our dispute process to help solve any issues.

Disputes with Pros

How does disputing the job work?

TIDY is a platform like Airbnb and Ebay, and similarly has a method of disputing jobs with pros. Disputing a job typically is requesting a credit or refund from a pro.  You just need to contact the pro to initiate a dispute, via the "Concierge" tab in your app after leaving them a negative review.

You can only dispute with a maximum of 1 Pro per job day. 

The dispute process works like this:

  1. You write what you are seeking from the Pro (for example, a 100% refund) and a reason.
  2. They have 72 hours to respond with a counterproposal or accept your request. If they fail to respond, you win.
  3. If they counterpropose, you have 72 hours to respond. If you fail to respond, they win.
  4. If you fail to come to a resolution, then it is resolved automatically using the following formula.
    1. If the pro has low-quality scores, a high dispute rate, or inaccurate updates, then you will win the dispute.
    2. If the pro has accurate updates and high-quality scores or you have disputed more than 10% of your jobs, the pro will win the dispute.

No Theft Coverage

Under no circumstances do we cover theft unless you have a written and signed separate agreement for theft coverage. We CAN cover it but you must go through underwriting, pay for that protection, and sign a separate agreement for that. Regardless of whether you have purchased theft coverage, we always recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment.

Other Protection

We do also offer the option of purchasing Job Insurance, which is effectively a Money Back Guarantee, as well as additional protection offered against theft, damage, and other issues. One such coverage is the ability to get your money back on jobs you are not happy with.  We are able to offer you a custom quote by contacting us in advance of any job. Please note that you cannot purchase job insurance retroactively on jobs, so please be sure to contact our team prior to any appointments so we can work with you on pricing and coverage for your unique needs.

Updated 14 Mar 2022
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